"Many Hands Make for Light Work" and we are always in the need of dedicated individuals that would like to assist with a task or two.  We have a number of areas that could use an extra hand so to speak.  Click Here to see a list of suggestions.

To help Honor a Veteran or a family loved one and join the WreathsForTheFallen.org effort all you need to do is sign up for our monthly news and special notice E-Mails.   Click Here to sign up for E-Mails.

To sign up to receive our information E-Mails just fill out a short Information Form, That’s it!  No membership dues or fees. All your personal information will be guarded and not released to anyone.  No mandatory meetings to attend however everyone is invited to attend and participate.. You will be E-Mailed and kept up to date on all activities and our progress through out the year. Our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, meeting minutes and any other legal documents are posted on the Orginizational Information page and are available for your inspection and comments.  So if you can’t attend any of the meetings you will be able to see exactly what occurred.

WreathsForTheFallen.org is a 501(c)3 organization.
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